+1° 17' 40.19", +103° 50' 49.24"
Artists mapping took place between Jan and May 2011

Arrangements were made for the artists to travel to the site at the earliest instance, so as to minimise pre-conceived notions formed from mediated sources, and to encourage immediacy and authenticity in the artists’ responses to the site. Funding for this project came through in the middle of December 2010, and on 10 January 2011, Koyama arrived in Singapore for a week-long mapping of the hill. 

The mapping schedule included tailored tours of Fort Canning Park by the Singapore National Parks guides; a walk-through of The Battle Box, an underground bunker 9.1m beneath the hill; a visit to the National Museum of Singapore located at the foot of the hill; and workshops for the artists to perceive the hill through their vocals and bodily movements. The last was credited by Koyama as one of the inspirations for him to integrate physicality into his photography map-making. 

Meanwhile, Kangding Ray was supposed to arrive on the same day as Koyama, but had to check into his local hospital instead due to an accident. He could only travel to Singapore less than a week before the performance of his maps in May 2011. His was an atypical map-making trajectory: to prepare his maps, Kangding Ray relied on secondary sources, which included exchanges with the other INSITU artists, and crystallized them on-site later. 

Widjaja and Yap are Singapore-based artists. Although they had memories of past visits to the hill, there was still a desire for an intentional physical re-engagement with the place. Between January and April 2011, Widjaja climbed the stairs to ascend the hill over 30 times. His physical exertion, compounded by the island’s equatorial heat and humidity, was re-visited in his collaborative performance with Kangding Ray. As for Yap, who wrote a stream-of-consciousness, time-slipping prose, a defining mapping trip to the hill for her happened at night. Similar to one of the characters in her story, Yap attended a loud outdoor music concert held on the hill-slope of Fort Canning Green.