syntfarm, Five Stages of the Myth, 2011

Text on paper (one sheet). Solvent transfer on paper (20 sheets).
21 x 14.8cm each
Artist Statement

Five Stages of the Myth is a series of prints that render and comment on the myth that explains founding of Tenganan village at East Bali Indonesia.

The starting point of the work were the drawings that Boedi Widjaja has provided us with. He visited the Tenganan village and used the technique of frottage (rubbing) to gather material that we would use as an input method for our work.

We scanned his rubbings and by the use of software written in Processing, we generated various forms. Once we printed our renderings, we used the paint thinner to transfer the digital print on to another copy. This technique allowed us to form a cycle in the process: from analogue rubbings, to software generated images and then back to the analogue world through the method of solvent transfer.

The generated forms lead us to come up with a variation of the myth modified by the use of software and computer technology. The important technological aspect of the transfer created a new original, the original that is achieved by using digital copy (or many of the same copies) as the moulds that will always generate different results. What was interesting for us were the forms and how they helped us transform the myth, which almost became a secondary focus, almost like a background information that is not important at all.

Every time that a myth is told, there is an element of something new and original when we hear it. Also, the elements of naïve and kitsch aesthetics that are closer to the folklore than contemporary art influenced this work. When we were creating it, we thought about all these elements and we rendered them with our own synthetic aesthetics, use of custom written computer software, highly stylized forms, but still, forms which maybe can help us get closer to the different stages of the myth ...