Yishan Lam, Maps, 2010

Text on paper (18 sheets)
21 x 29.7cm each
Artist Statement

I was asked to create a memory map of Tenganan with writing. I needed to acknowledge the distance I would always have in relation to the place, but also recreate the attempt to cross it, when re-drawing the lines of the journey.

To both relive and describe to someone else what the experience felt like, I thought I might do this in the form of a set of instructions, letting people fill in the gaps based on any sum of possible imaginations they might have about a place like Tenganan, formed from other hikes, or other villages - against which the particular aspects of Tenganan surprise, entertain or bemuse, defeating our expectations at some points, and at other points confirming them (or so we think).

Two years on, living a fast-paced life in a cosmopolitan, endlessly developed city, and professionally, trying to understand people and cultures on a daily basis, I still have this moment at the back of my mind where I reached a limit in grasping the meaning and mechanics of things and had to leave the tools behind in order for something else to emerge, in the form of affection, worry, laughter, self-reflection, revelation, more questions, and so on...

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